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Most performance and custom automotive projects require a little finesse. Sometimes there just isn't a manufactured solution for the right fit. This is especially true when it comes to exhausts. With so many different types of automobiles and aftermarket accessories, it can be "exhausting" trying to put it all together. Let us figure it out for you. Are you looking for an aftermarket performance exhaust? We have a full line of performance exhausts for your automobile and our installation services are fast and affordable.


 Custom exhaust and pipe bendingHave an old Ford T Bucket with a small/big block Chevy motor in it? Can't find the perfect exhaust to bolt up to your unconventional combo? Don't risk trying to order a system that won't bolt up properly. Key Auto Hospital has all the necessary equipment including a state of the art pipe bending machine to fabricate or modify an exhaust system that will fit seamlessly into your custom automotive project. We have been an Official FlowMaster Exhaust sales and installation outlet for years, so if there is a product that is applicable to your project, we will help you pick the perfect one.

Chart of FlowMaster Exhausts

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